Borgogno Barolo ”Liste”

100% Nebbiolo

DOCG Barolo Liste

Borgogno er et meget gammelt og hæderkronet vinfirma. De blev stiftet i 1761 og vin fra huset blev bl.a. drukket ved den officielle fest for Italiens samling i 1861

Denne vin er en enkeltmarks Barolo med druer udelukkende fra marken ”Liste”.

Harvest: 2008 vintage was characterized by unsettled climatic conditions which exposed the vines to high risk of diseases. The parasitic attacks highly damaged the production in terms of grape’s quantity and fortunately not in the quality. A delay sprouting was followed by a really rainy and humid months of May where there was a reduction in the quantity. As the in springtime also the first part of the summer was really humid, but within the end of the summer and all the autumn long the weather turned to be warmer and dryer during the day with cooler temperatures at night which helped the maturation of the grape. The wine of this vintage is characterized by great acidity and excellent peculiarities.

Winemaking: regular fermentation for 12 days at controlled temperatures starting from 22 °C till 29 °C, followed by submerged cap aceration for 30 days with a stable temperature of 22 °C. After the racking off started the malolactic fermentation and it lasted 15 days at 22 °C.

Ageing: four years in Slavonia oak casks (4500 Lt) with a further refining in bottle for 6 months.

Vejledende pris: 475,00 DKK Vores pris: 585,00 DKK
v/6 495,00 DKK

585,00 DKK

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